Q1: How to purchase from HSQ?
A1: Please register to become one of our Q bosses. After becoming one of our bosses, you may log in and start buying from HSQ to become the owner of your shop.

Q2: How to pay?
A2: Prepare your credit cards and pay HSQ through PayPal system, simply key in credit card numbers and expiry date and secured codes for payment. Or pay through banking system by telex transfer and please kindly contact our customer service for account details. 

Q3: When can I receive my order?

A3: HSQ delivery date is now between 8 to 10 working days. An confirmation email will be sent to Q bosses registered email address for update. For shipping details please kindly click our icon for shipping and delivery for logistic company and reference.

Q4: How to collect coupons as credits?
A4:Every USD100.00.-+ spent will credited a USD10.00.- coupon on the goods delivery on arrival. You can key in the exclusive coupon numbers for crediting the future purchase with USD100.- + order.

Q5: What is HSQ delivery way?
A5:We will arrange shipment from Taiwan to overseas through our official ChungHwa Post Ltd. Please kindly study the link as following:

Q6: Does HSQ provide refund?
A6: If delivered products are not defected, we do not accept refund or return goods. Please kindly provide “unboxing video” for reference to our customer service team.

Q7: What to do when I received the wrong delivered items? 

A7: Please provide “unboxing video” for the package and our service representative will contact you.

Q8: I’m not sure if HSQ products will match my need.
A8:We strongly suggest to buy samples first instead of launching official orders when having product concerns. Once our goods sent out for delivery are non refundable.

Q9: How to track orders?
A9:HSQ will provide confirmation email with shipment notice and tracking number for each delivery. For shipment update, please kindly refer to our cooperated logistic company for informatio

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