About HSQ
HSQ, a total solution one stop shopping site for creating brand new business model. We are a wholesaler shop major in dealing auto spare parts, manufacturing materials and tooling. We aim to provide innovative business model, with one key to success. Easy purchase, distinctive products, we find unique items. We make what others do not want to pursue. Anything you want, just click in our website you are an owner to your shop closer.
About HSQ

Member Review

Confidential! Regular browser unable to access product resource and cost.

Diversity of product range

More than thousands of products, find at HSQ .

One click to start business

Still travelling to find new products? Find your new items at HSQ

Delivery without huge MOQ

Can not meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity) from the factory? HSQ can help to deliver.

Demanding Products

Even if only one request, HSQ will not off shelf the product.

Labor Work, One stop servie

Don’t worry about short of labor, HSQ will be at your service and your best business partner.

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